Why Mauritius is key for structuring African investment funds

As featured in the Mauritius Finance Magazine, Africa, a continent brimming with potential, beckons investors with its vast resources and growing markets. But navigating the complexities of investing across diverse African nations can be daunting. Enter Mauritius, the strategic island nation emerging as the key to unlocking African investment success. In this article, Michael Haynes, of Lima Capital LLC, dives into the reasons why Mauritius is the preferred destination for structuring African investment funds.


As Africa is bound to expand economically, thanks to its untapped markets, plentiful resources, improving infrastructure, dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, and supportive policies, there is a growing need for efficient fund structuring and streamlined operations to attract investors and maximise returns. Most funds face unique challenges, such as limited access to capital, complex regulatory environments, and a lack of institutional support. Addressing these challenges is essential to unlock the true potential of African businesses and drive sustainable growth.

Challenges Faced by the African Funds Landscape

One of the most significant challenges facing African fund managers is the limited access to capital. Despite an abundance of promising investment opportunities across the continent, many funds struggle to secure the necessary funding for meaningful allocation. This difficulty stems from a variety of factors.

Firstly, the lack of a well-developed infrastructure for capital deployment makes it difficult for investment funds to function efficiently. Traditional financial systems in some African countries may lack the sophistication to handle the complex needs of investment funds. Secondly, a lack of investor confidence also plays a role, where potential investors, particularly those from outside Africa, may have concerns about political instability, currency fluctuations, or a perceived lack of transparency in some African markets.

Finally, a limited understanding of African markets by potential investors contributes to the funding gap. Investors unfamiliar with the continent’s diverse economies, regulatory landscapes, and growth potential may be hesitant to allocate capital. A lack of awareness about the exciting opportunities Africa presents can lead to missed investment opportunities for both investors and African businesses.

Within this complex financial landscape, Mauritius stands out as a beacon of hope. Its strategic geographic position, coupled with a sophisticated legal infrastructure and business-friendly climate, positions Mauritius as an ideal conduit for channelling global investments into Africa. The island nation addresses Africa’s fund structuring challenges head-on, offering solutions through its exceptional corporate governance, attractive tax incentives, and stable geopolitical environment.

Mauritius: A Strategic Gateway for Efficient African Investment Funds

Mauritius: The Strategic Gateway for African Investment Funds

Mauritius stands out as a premier destination for investment funds targeting Africa’s vibrant markets, thanks to its strategic positioning in the Indian Ocean. This geographical advantage facilitates direct access to the continent’s burgeoning economies and extends reach into Asian markets, making it a pivotal hub for investment strategies with geographical diversity.

A Framework of Stability and Transparency

At the heart of Mauritius’s appeal is its political and economic stability, underpinned by a transparent, well-regulated legal environment. This foundation not only attracts investment but also cultivates a sense of trust and reliability among international investors. Such confidence is further bolstered by Mauritius’s competitive tax regime, offering substantial cost savings through an effective tax rate of just 3% on foreign dividends and interest. The nation’s comprehensive network of double taxation treaties, particularly with several African countries, streamlines investments by mitigating capital gains tax implications.

Tailored Investment Solutions and Tax Incentives

Mauritius excels in offering a diverse range of fund structures, including both open and closed-ended options, to meet the varied needs of investors. This flexibility, coupled with attractive tax incentives, significantly reduces operational costs, enhancing returns for investors. Protected Cell Companies (PCCs) and Variable Capital Companies (VCCs) are among the innovative fund structures available, designed for efficient and cost-effective portfolio management.

Robust Ecosystem for Fund Management

The island’s ecosystem is rich with experienced professionals, from fund administrators to legal and financial services, ensuring comprehensive support across the fund lifecycle. This robust support network, along with the presence of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and global financial service providers, cements Mauritius’s reputation as a leading hub for asset and wealth management.
By choosing Mauritius for fund structuring and operational efficiency, African funds can unlock significant advantages:

• Reduced costs and enhanced returns
• Streamlined operations and increased efficiency
• Access to global markets and diverse investor pools
• Confidence and trust through a robust regulatory environment

Mauritius: A Catalyst for High-Performing African Funds

Mauritius stands as a formidable force in the global fund management arena, hosting approximately over a thousand funds with a variety of geographic focuses, including notable engagements in African investments. The collective Assets Under Management (AUM) of these funds estimated to be exceeding USD 80 billion, showcasing Mauritius’s prominence as a leading centre for fund management and administration. This portfolio includes contributions from development finance institutions and sovereign wealth funds, reflecting Mauritius’s appeal to a wide spectrum of investment entities. Its success in attracting diverse funds highlights the island’s robust financial infrastructure and its effectiveness in facilitating impactful investments, not only within Africa but on a global scale.

The future of efficient African funds is undeniably bright. With Mauritius acting as a strategic springboard, African fund managers can leverage the island’s exceptional regulatory framework, tax benefits, and robust financial ecosystem to unlock their full potential. As Africa continues its economic ascent, Mauritius’s role as a premier conduit for channelling global capital will prove increasingly vital. By embracing this strategic partnership, African funds can propel themselves forward, maximizing returns, attracting a wider investor base, and ultimately contributing to the continent’s long-term sustainable growth.


Neil Mupfupi

Portfolio Risk Analyst

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