AI Meets Investing: Data-Driven Insights for Risk-Managed Portfolios

Our subscription service grants fund managers, wealth managers, insurance firms, and family offices access to our AI-driven asset allocation tool. This tool employs advanced machine learning techniques to facilitate risk-managed investment strategies.

AI-Driven Fund Solutions

AI-Driven Asset Allocation: Bespoke Solutions for Fund & Wealth Managers

Lima Capital acknowledges the inherent risks in investing and employs cutting-edge data science and machine learning to mitigate these challenges. Our tool, designed for flexibility, offers both fund managers and wealth managers the ability to harness a machine learning-driven, risk-managed asset allocation solution without the necessity for long-term commitments. With customizable options tailored to specific sectors and geographies, we provide a bespoke investment solution that empowers professionals to better serve their clients or develop superior products. Experience the transformative impact of AI on investment strategies with Lima Capital’s innovative tool, crafted to enhance client outcomes and product excellence.

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Why do Investors Choose Lima Capital LLC?

Tech Forward Approach

Lima blends machine learning with seasoned expertise, providing advisors and fund managers with autonomous, tech-driven investment tools. Our method combines innovation and experience, enabling professionals to deliver sophisticated strategies for their clients.

Competitive Pricing

Achieves cost efficiency by utilising our technology effectively, minimizing the reliance on a large human team.

Elevated Market Insight

Gain a competitive edge with our subscription service, designed for advisors and fund managers to inform their market strategies and anticipate future trends effectively.

Insights: The Future of Fund MAnagement

Transforming Fund Management with Artificial Intelligence

Explore how Lima Capital LLC pioneers the integration of innovative artificial intelligence in fund management, optimizing portfolios, managing risks, and delivering exceptional results.

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Ready to Harness the Power of AI in Your Investments?

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Neil Mupfupi

Portfolio Risk Analyst

Neil’s professional journey includes significant roles that have honed his expertise in investment analysis. His certification in Market Concepts from Bloomberg has further enhanced his skills in market analysis and financial reporting. Previously, as a Client Executive, Neil demonstrated his capability in integrating new clients in compliance with stringent regulatory standards. His tenure as a junior corporate finance analyst provided him valuable experience in assessing the viability of investments and managing risks in demanding situations.

At Lima Capital LLC, Neil is dedicated to investment analysis, risk management, and portfolio management, ensuring adherence to both global and local regulatory frameworks. He is committed to contribute to the growth and stability of investment portfolios while maintaining a strong relationship with our clients.