Lima Capital LLC wins the ‘Best Advisory Firm: Fund Structuring’ award from Africa Global Funds (AGF) Service Providers Awards 2023

Lima Capital LLC, a regulated Investment Advisor and Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) Manager, celebrates a significant milestone by securing the prestigious ‘Best Advisory Firm: Fund Structuring’ award from AGF Service Providers Awards 2023. This significant accolade, marking the first win for Lima Capital, underscores the firm’s exceptional expertise and dedication in the field of fund structuring services.


The AGF Service Providers Awards, renowned for recognizing outstanding efforts and accomplishments of fund service providers covering Africa, have acknowledged Lima Capital’s approach and commitment to excellence. This win showcases Lima Capital’s position as an industry leader, setting new standards in the African financial services landscape.


“We are thrilled and deeply honoured to receive this award from Africa Global Funds. This recognition re-affirms our dedication to providing best in class financial advisory services to our clients,” said Brendan Gallagher, CEO and Founder of Lima Capital LLC. “At Lima Capital, we are relentless in our pursuit to deliver bespoke, cutting-edge solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs. This award is a tribute to that very ethos and the tireless effort of our entire team.”


Lima Capital’s success in securing this prestigious award underscores its innovative strategies, unparalleled expertise, and unmatched client satisfaction. The firm’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results has positioned the company as a trailblazer in the financial advisory industry.


This historic win not only celebrates Lima Capital’s achievements but also reinforces its commitment to shaping the future of fund structuring services in Africa. Lima Capital remains dedicated to providing innovative and tailored solutions to its clients, further strengthening its position as a trusted partner in the financial services sector.


Neil Mupfupi

Portfolio Risk Analyst

Neil’s professional journey includes significant roles that have honed his expertise in investment analysis. His certification in Market Concepts from Bloomberg has further enhanced his skills in market analysis and financial reporting. Previously, as a Client Executive, Neil demonstrated his capability in integrating new clients in compliance with stringent regulatory standards. His tenure as a junior corporate finance analyst provided him valuable experience in assessing the viability of investments and managing risks in demanding situations.

At Lima Capital LLC, Neil is dedicated to investment analysis, risk management, and portfolio management, ensuring adherence to both global and local regulatory frameworks. He is committed to contribute to the growth and stability of investment portfolios while maintaining a strong relationship with our clients.